CEO/Owner Coaching & Advisory

CEO/Owner Coaching & Advisory

Where Results Match Ambition

The Executive Committee (TEC), TEC Canada brings together successful CEOs, executives, and business owners into confidential, exclusive, and non-competitive peer-to-peer advisory groups. TEC Canada is affiliated with Vistage Worldwide, Inc. headquartered in San Diego, CA with 21,000 members around the world representing a wide range of industries and a diversity in member backgrounds.

TEC is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of chief executives

Members leverage TEC’s highly effective peer advisory issue processing, one-to-one executive coaching, valuable speaker series, and on-line network connection to our global membership providing an antidote for lonely at the top syndrome often felt by chief executives.

TEC enables Canadian small & medium enterprises to punch above their weight in terms of their contribution to GDP, productivity, prosperity, job creation, and can compete better globally. In today’s business climate growth is extremely difficult and entrepreneur leaders need effective and proven support to succeed in highly competitive markets. TEC’s 60 year track record delivers a clear competitive advantage.

Through an alignment in strategic purpose to help small & medium enterprises grow and succeed Andrew Reif is able to bring TEC’s tremendous value proposition through chairing a chief executive peer advisory group.